Welcome to Silverbrook School of Enugu, Nigeria

Silverbrook, (known earlier as The British School of Enugu) was established in 1993 in cooperation with the British Council (Enugu) and Unicef (Enugu) to provide full-time private primary tuition for the children of the multi-national community who had hitherto been used to sending their young children to boarding schools overseas, or to following distance learning schemes. As these children were often expected to complete their education at international schools elsewhere, the highest possible standards were required.

Since those early beginnings, the school has gone from strength to strength and was registered by the Enugu State Ministry of Education as an approved school in 1999. The school is a private, secular, international nursery/primary school catering for children aged two to eleven. Children from different regions of the world will always find a warm welcome here.
Philosophy and Aims

Our ethos is based on the statement of values issued by the British National Forum on Values in Education and the Community. We believe in the determined pursuit of excellence, side by side with the development of good character.

We treasure each child’s personal talents in the academic, artistic, physical and/or social fields. We seek to develop these talents to the full while at the same time equipping the child with the basic skills and knowledge required for further education and successful citizenship. Our approach is encouragement, and challenge in a friendly atmosphere, with clearly defined limits of behaviour.

Academic Organisation

The school uses the current British National Curriculum. The usual primary school subjects are taught, including Mathematics, English, French, Science and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Art and Craft, P.E., Religious Education, Swimming and ICT.

The scope and depth of this curriculum make it internationally acceptable as an appropriate foundation, which permits pupils to proceed smoothly into secondary school in Nigeria, Britain and across the globe. Children work in groups or individually as appropriate under close supervision . Our day to day programme is based on our commitment to each pupil’s personal development.

Silverbrook is owned by Silverbrook International Ltd. Contact the administrator, Mrs. U. Onyema, with any enquiries
The academic year starts in September and ends in July. It is divided into three terms with short holidays in between. International requirements of teacher/student contact hours are observed. From Monday to Friday school hours are 7.50 am to 1.30 pm. Optional extension classes are available in the afternoons for the higher classes.
Pre School (Ages 2 - 5)

In Preschool, (for those aged 2 - 5), under the gentle care of kindly staff children are gradually guided into the social skills that help them to communicate and co-operate with others. In Circle Time and throughout the day, they are given the opportunity to express themselves and explore creative ideas using a variety of materials. Ample time is given for outdoor activity as well as singing and making music. Story time is always a favourite!

Pre-reading and pre-writing activities are important and the school programme is firmly founded on the all-important phonic approach. Mathematical work takes the form of practical activities in number, shape and measure.

Some Special Features

Silverbrook has an excellent record for the successful integration of non-English-speaking children. We have had children who spoke Arabic, French, Swahili, German, Bulgarian, Spanish and Dutch, all were able to settle happily and follow normal lessons in less than two terms.

Our success in Mathematics is due to our constant use of a wide range of practical aids and our emphasis on understanding concepts before performing automatic and ‘mysterious’ calculations. Thanks to the cooperation of the Zodiac Hotel which permits us to make weekly use of their swimming pool, no child has so far finished the course as a non-swimmer.

Our simple daily routines are intended to inculcate good manners, respect for books and materials, healthy habits, correct speech and a positive, friendly outlook.

Primary School (Ages 5 - 11)

In the first two years of this program, great emphasis is placed on developing reading skills. Using a well-loved comprehensive reading scheme, children learn to read fluently with ample practise in writing, listening, comprehension and speaking, through stories, poems, and drama. In mathematics practical activities combine with formal exercises to ensure that there is complete exploration and understanding of the topic. All the other subjects are introduced.

In years 3 - 6, when most pupils are reading and writing fluently, topics are handled in greater depth. A wide range of games are introduced in Physical and Health Education and pupils work towards obtaining grades in swimming. A programme, which includes visiting speakers, is introduced in year six, with the aim of ensuring children are prepared for the many changes associated with progress to secondary school and adolescence.

Premises and Environment
The school occupies, purpose-built, private buildings, surrounded by lawns and flowers, in Golf Estate, G.R.A. Enugu. The premises are fenced and the gates are kept locked, manned by on-premise security personnel. Children’s health and safety are priorities. All children are expected to have been immunised against common childhood diseases. First-aid boxes and fire extinguishers are available at all times.
Equipment and Books
Silverbrook has an excellent range of books, equipment and materials supplied from overseas whenever necessary. These include:
  • a complete reading scheme with almost 100 titles
  • an exciting fiction and non-fiction library, including European classics and a fine collection of Nigerian and African stories.
  • a range of educational toys and puzzles
  • equipment for Science and Technology practicals
  • materials for a variety of art and craft projects
Books, stationery and snacks are provided. The attractive Silverbrook uniform allows some freedom of choice of style for girls.